it is in this quest for flourishing expansiveness that I find my purpose .

i am a facilitator, thought-partner, learning designer, creative collaborator and a friend,
  who strives to bring people together to imagine and create new possibilities.

i am committed to justice, love and abundance as my guiding values,
  and gravitate towards people, organisations and projects
    that are engaged in shifting power, building new systems and fostering interconnectedness.

i believe stories are key to all of this –
  they are how we share ourselves with the world,
        how we understand the world and
         how we imagine the lives and worlds we are building,
  and hence storytelling, narratives and metaphors are my primary tools for change.

some of my greatest joy comes from
  experiencing emergence in the process of collective bricolage.

one of my dream projects has been
  co-founding sensemaking lab,
     which is a transdisciplinary collective
     that co-designs innovative solutions
      with organisations, movements & communities
      to help them “make sense”
      in a way that drives action to do/be better.

i also sit on the advisory board at Haiyya,
  which is definitely one of my favourite organisations to collaborate with.

i spend a lot of time
  thinking about the ways we love, and finding more ways to love
  more radically and across more contexts.

at the heart of it, my work is that of

tendering | wondering | sondering

my not-so-linear journey to here

my meandering journey has been a series of emergent experiments where i have learned that the world isn’t meant to only be this way, that it can be different, and moved me towards hope as well as outrage by letting me be a part of the world through different vantage points that are farther away from the power centers. it is this hope and outrage that drives me, and gives me courage. this journey has helped me understand justice, care and imagination as the work of feminism, and that lies at the heart of what I do. i have learned that I cannot stand for justice and enjoy my privilege (and the systems and hierarchies that offer those to me) at the same time, and i am continuing to learn to have that reflect in my work.

over the last decade, i’ve done a lot of everything along with lots of everyones, flowing between ahas and transformation like outward spirals of change: exploring various questions, disciplines and industries through many different lenses, roles, and vantage points. no two projects look the same, and yet they all build upon each other, not just in terms of the skills and knowledge acquired but also the slightly more deep, more vast and more nuanced understanding of the world and friendships i have gained along the way. with each project, I have discovered more blindspots of mine, and more ways in which i can be/do better. the unifying thread is that all my work has always focused on the people (through their authentic stories and participatory processes), and human systems (through the mindsets, policies and practices).

a lot of my skills were developed during my self-designed Master’s at Harvard Graduate School of Education and my BA in Cultural Studies and Psychology at FLAME – especially in the parts where all i learned was challenged/ deepened/ explored through the friendships/mentorships, coffees and conversations cherished in the gardens around my classes.

what makes a jayati

i am at my best when co-creating with people and forming webs of interconnection between people, their stories and new ideas.

i thrive when engaged in collaborative ground-up processes, making sense of random pieces, by connecting dots & finding patterns, and co-building something new there by cultivating seeds of imagination that can flourish amidst these cracks and intersections.

i am learning to sit better with the “and“s; and hold better the oxymoronic ends between them
    slowing down to notice and moving urgently to action,
    between committing to an active strategy and surrendering to emergent flow,
    between seeing the big-picture perspective and considering meticulous detail,
    between being notoriously fierce and firmly tender,
    between moving more seamlessly between “work” and “life”
i am learning to see the edges as resulting from the system, than the system as simply a space between the edges.

i am trying to be better at being wholehearted while remaining half-sure.

my work is enriched through collaboration, and in asking questions, exploring answers and learning together. lately, i frequently collaborate with Aprajita Pandey, Srividya Srinivas, Vrinda Loiwal, Maja Nenadovic, Supriya Rakesh, Niharika Sanyal, Arpita Bohra, Drishti Goenka, Sonika, Ovee Karwa, among others.  

friendships and communities are core to how i come into the world, and i am more than grateful to the many many incredible people who have shaped me over the years as mentors, friends and co-conspirators, offering both their wisdom and support with such unconditional generosity. i’ve been lucky and privileged to have had such deep bountiful love that has held me tight, guided me right, and has empowered me to believe in myself as well as kept me humble, reminding me about all that I am yet to know, experience and understand.

i hope to co-create opportunities for thriving by enabling such belonging, support, and access to resources for more folx, who like me, are in search of a holding space for their dreams and their doubts, so that they can continue to build flourishing lives for themselves.

(“tinkerwoman” was a character i created as a part of my final paper for the T-550 class at HGSE in 2016. )