collective sensemaking

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I facilitate events and workshops, design tools and practices, and study processes that enable collective sense-making.


There are 3 main ideas underlying this project:

(a) Making space for the “later”collective sense-making_4.1(b) Whole is greater than the sum of its partscollective sense-making_4.22(c) Creating learning communitiescollective sense-making_4.3

Some of my experiments with collective sense-making include:



Every month, I host a BYOP (bring-your-own-perspectives) thought-lucks where a diverse group of folks come together to delve upon some of life’s bigger questions and make sense of our experiences in that context, while getting to know ourselves and each other, and building a sense of community through it.

“life-transitions party”

20180325_143700 The life-transition party is an experiment to take some time out and celebrate the little transitions in this phase in all our lives.

– lots of structured quality kinda-alone-time, playing with some design-thinking and life-audit inspired tools to think about where we are at and where we are heading towards
– some togetherness, collective love and warmth to celebrate and process and hold all the little moments of note
– some conversations and sharing over food and wine
Talk to me about how collective sense-making works and how we can bring it to your context. Or help try it out.